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Photos from upcoming video!

They shot a Country Store video last week.  Here are some great shots of the guys that day!


15 comments on “Photos from upcoming video!”

  1. Great photos guys. Doyle, you look a lot like Bill Monroe in the photo with the dog on the porch. Both of my grandfathers owned country stores & these certainly bring back some good memories.

  2. DL&Q are in the studio working on their new gospel recording for the 2nd week in a row. Doyle has so many great songs it is going to be hard to pick which ones to include on this recording.
    The video shoot for Country Store was a great experience. I didn’t have our friends Kay & Scott Johnson there nor Sister, but I enjoyed the day and seeing how it was done! Trying to get a dog, not a trained dog either, to cooperate was almost as good as the truck rolling down the hill with Mikey driving and the engine not started!

    • Your comment reminded me of a time several years ago when some friends of mine were working in the “North country” Warren, New Hampshire…it was so cold!…Everey thing seemed to be frozen solid! These dear friends, Billy & McKinley (Mac), had started working on a powerline project in this small remote location and had started down over a mountain there…When the engine quit and the brakes suddenly went out…Billy hollered! “I Can’t, start it, I can’t steer it, & I can’t stop it, let’s get outta this thing!!” LOL! ~Happy Holidays!! Blessings~

  3. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the album that has a song with the lyrics I touched the hem of his garmet. and when he kneels by the bed and sees an angel…i would really appreciate it..i had this cd long time ago, but i lost it..Thank You

  4. Hello Doyle, I am 19 years old and have been playing bluegrass for 5 years. I play guitar and bass and have always dreamed of playing for Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. Right now I am in College but will graduate in August of 2012. I was wondering if you are going to need a guitar or bass player in the end of 2012? I am starting to record this winter. I love to sing, especially gospel bluegrass.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Loren Conbeer

  5. What a delightful program as we heard you for the first time tonight on WUNC! Thank you for your wonderful testimony.

  6. Doyle you still look like Dad and Grandfather Clay. Dad loved music so much and was so proud of you and the band.
    My husband and i caught you on PBS -you and the band were over the top. While I was phoneing my sister in Sneedville Bill said I missed the best part way to go you rock.
    Sherry S

  7. I am so sad. I bought Hallelujah in My Heart and the title cut has skips in it. So I returned the disc and got another–which also has skips in that song. Is there a manufacturing defect in this disk? Can you provide one that isn’t defective?


    • Interesting. Bet I know exactly where the “skip” in Hallelujah is. Mine, which I got a few years back, has 2 production flaws in the guitar/mandolin run leading into the 2nd verse.

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