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    Gary Wayne Canant

    My sister, a non smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer caused by diesel smoke from decades of cross country trucking.
    Last night I was in deep agnozing prayer for Rebecca and got on www hunting for hymns to help punch thru for an answer.
    My phone brought up an album cover “HELP IS ON THE WAY”
    HELP! that one word caused me to click on it – Oh my Lord!
    Those lyrics were IN TIME – ON TIME – instructions from the throne of God to energize me for the following three hours of intersession prayer to break through! At which time I fell exhausted into bed and sleep. THE TIME? 3AM Ft Myers Florida
    At 3:00AM Piedmont Hospital,Atlanta Georgia a change in the blood of Rebecca happened and 6 hours later she was unhooked from the ventalator!
    I was so weary and ready to quit till I heard – HELP IS NO HELP TOMORROW – – IF YOU QUIT T-O-D-A-Y.
    I had never had that thought before or heard of Doyle Lawson.

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