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    Judy Curry

    Is there an accompaniment track with BGVS of Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver song “By The Side Of The Road”. This song is on Doyle’s album ” Beyond the Shadows”. I would like to buy this. I have heard this song over the years and would love to sing it at my Church. Thank You.

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    Doyle Lawson

    Judy, I am sorry but we don’t have an accompaniment CD for ‘By The Side Of The Road’.

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    Jim Conger

    I have the accompaniment CD for “In Your Arms”. My brother and I sing it and he plays the mandolin along with it. Is there a chord chart for the song? We also do “Help Is On The Way”. A chord chart for that one also would be great. Thanks.

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    Hello! I was looking for an accompaniment of “We Shall Inherit” to sing at church. Is this available anywhere? Thank you so much and God Bless!

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    Tom Campbell

    I would love to have the accompaniment track with BGVS for the song “O FAR COUNTRY” from Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver’s “OPEN CAREFULLY, MESSAGE INSIDE” CD. Do you expect to have that available at any time?

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    I don’t yet know if we will do tracks for any of those songs or not. There will be something on facebook about it if/when it happens. Thanks for asking!

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    Hi, I’m checking to see if an accompaniment track or CD is available for the song “Help Me Lord”? We have a men’s group at our church and would love to sing it for our church. If not, is there sheet music or chord chart for the song?
    Thanks so Much!

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    Love, love, your gospel songs and, like so many others here, am interested in accompaniment tracks so I can share during worship service. I will check your Facebook page on any releases and would like to request an A-T of “He Made the Tree”. That song pulls me in and speaks to my heart!

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    Jimmy Whited

    I am looking for an accompaniment track for “Mountain View Missionary Baptist Church”.
    Thank You,
    Jimmy Whited

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    Do you have the soundtrack “The Vison” with BGV’s.

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    marie shahan

    My husband and I would like to have a lot of the accompaniment cds to a lot of songs to sing in church.Our church is going back to its roots in music.Isn’t that awesome!!!

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