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    Daniel J. Mount

    Welcome to the Instruments forum! This is where you start threads about mandolins, fiddles, guitars, reso guitars, basses, banjos, and other instruments.

    To start a new topic, scroll down to the Create New Topic box. Add a title, the text of your question, and type in your name and email address. Then check back in a few days to see if someone has commented on your topic.

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    Craig Kirby

    What kind of microphones does Quicksilver use on stage for live vocals?

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    Josh Swift


    Doyle uses a DPA D facto microphone, and the rest of us use Shure Beta 87A microphones… 🙂

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    Doyle lawson

    I have an Eminence Acoustic Electric Bass for sale. It has a break away neck that came in handy when we flew. It comes with a soft case. The price is $1900.00, Firm. If you are interested, please call our office 1-423-878-6160 or email [email protected]

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    Tom Hewitt

    What make of banjo and strings does your banjo player use? I have never heard a banjo with so much snap.

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    Ethan Hunt

    I’d like to know the brand of the guitar Dustin has in his photos in the media section, the headstock looks like it says jMe or maybe tMe, its a beautiful guitar, if anyone could let me know i’d appreciate it.

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    Dan Laney

    I am looking to purchase a mic for “single mic” type of set up for our bluegrass band… I know Quick Silver used to do a lot of that in the past… do you have any recommendations on a good mic for that type of setup?

    I’m looking at the Audio Technica 4033CL at the low end… I wish I could afford an old RCA Ribbon mic… but that would be quite the investment for us… thus looking at Large Diaphragm Condensers…

    Thanks again

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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