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Once And For Always / The News Is Out

Once And For Always / The News Is Out
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  1. Travelling Down the Blue Road
  2. Once And For Always
  3. A Lover Of The Lord
  4. Speak Softly, You’re Talking To My Heart
  5. The Old-Timers’ Waltz
  6. Come Back To Me In My Dreams
  7. Carolina In The Pines
  8. Stone Cold Heart
  9. Julie Ann
  10. You Only Have To Say You’ve Changed Your Mind
  11. When The Sun Of My Life Goes
  12. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
  13. This Dream I’m In
  14. I’ve Heard These Words Before
  15. A Vision Of Jesus
  16. Up On The Blue Ridge
  17. I”ll Be True
  18. The Grass That I’m Playing Is
  19. Have I Loved You Too Late
  20. Let The Best Man Win
  21. She’s Walking Through My Memory
  22. Wonderful, Beautiful Place