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Through The Years

Through The Years
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  1. On The Sea Of Life
  2. I’ll Be With You
  3. Speak Softly, You’re Talking To My Heart
  4. Great Judgement Morning
  5. My Lord Delivered Me
  6. Hiding From The Storm
  7. When We Meet To Part No More
  8. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
  9. She’s Walking Through My Memory
  10. Beyond The Sunset For Me
  11. I Don’t Care
  12. That New Jerusalem
  13. A Date With An Angel
  14. Move To The Top Of The Mountain
  15. It Took His Blood
  16. The Mighty Number
  17. Tennessee Banjo Man
  18. Hallelujah In My Heart
  19. Highway To Heaven
  20. Sweet Rosie Jones
  21. There’s A Light Guiding Me
  22. There Is A God
  23. Back Up And Push
  24. The Hand Made Cross
  25. As Long As The World Stands
  26. Just Over In Heaven
  27. Do Right And Come Smiling Through
  28. Twinkle Little Star
  29. The Heavenly Parade
  30. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
  31. Knee Deep In Bluegrass
  32. Blue Train (Of The Heartbreak Line)